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Step Zero - Before the Hustle

How to Prepare Yourself for the Journey of Entrepreneurship

About this book

Launching a business is less about a great idea but more about the capacity to execute that idea. This book is made to help aspiring entrepreneurs prepare the mindset and skills to launch and sustain a viable business that they enjoy.

It brings a practical and human-centric approach to the common gaps before the hustle of launching a business: procrastination, failure, growth mindset, self-awareness, motivation, prioritization, influence, pivoting, and others.

✍️ The book is written by Ivan Palomino [behavioral designer] and Dr. Haruka Marufuji [leadership researcher] with contributions from founders and subject matter experts: Zuleka Kaysan, Jorge Castellote, Dr. Alec Corthay, Michel Heitzmann, Egils Boitmanis, Alei Hassanein, Agni Skafidas, Joshua Berry, Mykola Takzey and Treesha Swami. 


It is coming soon

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