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The Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership
A brain friendly approach to take action and be an inspiring leader

Ivan Palomino is the co-author of this book released in December 2022.

This is a book for leaders and leaders-to-be that feel that they can create great impact in their organization through the understanding of human psychology. Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino are not academical people, so they say it at it is –plain, blunt and simple.

This book is not about leadership frameworks; instead, it is is about sharing ideas that can ignite curiosity and inspire leaders for some quick action; like “what do I have to lose if I try this”, “this can take me 2 minutes”, “I can validate this on my own tomorrow”.

This book is for people who had enough of knowing what it takes to change but simply find it hard to be motivated and consistent with actions to be an awesome leader; it is for people who believe that life is simply about trying and sometimes failing and that’s ok as long as there is progress. Each chapter describes insights and actions that defines leadership in the way that leaders can thrive as a person and inspire others.

The Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership Book

The Crowdsourced Book On
Education Technology

Ivan is the co-author of the chapter - The Rise Of Behavioural Science: A Roadmap For The Future Of Adult Learning. The book was published by the great team of Supercharge Ventures Edtech.

The EdTech Book has taken the approach to crowd-source expert knowledge on the topic of how education will include technology. With over 50 contributors, we are covering trends around the world, in specific sectors and age groups.

edtech book cover
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